It’s easy to identify more commonly used pieces of furniture like tables, dressers, and bookshelves. The history of furniture crafting and design is long, however, and there are a good many historical designs that are less common today than they

Every new year ushers in a new season of styles in just about every cultural venue imaginable and the world of furniture is no different – especially when it comes to handcrafted designs. By far, fine solid wood furniture is

Furniture design can be categorized by many criteria – furniture type, materials, tools used for manufacturing, etc. In this article, we’ll look at the challenges faced by companies that deal with projects or bespoke production.   In serial production, the context is

WORK WITH MATERIALS AND COLORS Any design is closely related to the selection of materials and their application in the construction. Furniture design is no exception. However, unlike machinery, where the correct selection of material has a significant influence on the

When you move into any new home, you have to reconsider the new space that you’re about to fill and the best possible options regarding your new interior décor. More often than not, this will involve exchanging some outdated furniture