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HIghgloss Panels


Highgloss Panels
These are decorative and glossy panels formed by coating high gloss in thickness and PVC on various surfaces on the surface of MDF panels. The back side of the MDF panels covered with highgloss on the front is covered with white melamine decor paper.
High Gloss / Matte panels provide depth in our living areas with the possibility of applying flat colored, patterned, hologram transfer foil, as well as being useful in metallic applications; makes the space look aesthetic, spacious and spacious.
Highgloss mdf panels can be applied on kitchen covers, furniture covers, wall panels and door surfaces.


Width 1220 mm
Height 2800 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Package Dimensions 1220 x 28 x 2800
Package mt 2.8mt
Package Weight 46 kg