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As MERSAN TRADE, we have been dealing with domestic and domestic sales of furniture sub-industry products and semi-products in the forest products sector since 2005.

Keeping up with high standards and developing technology day by day
MERSAN TRADE, which develops itself, responds to all kinds of needs in industrial furniture production facilities and continues its works in the most efficient way by making customer-oriented planning.

Activities attracted the heads of key furniture manufacturing city in Turkey
Our company, which continues in Kayseri, has many materials such as chipboard, mdflam, raw chipboard, mdf, edge band, highgloss panel, mdf profiles and furniture accessories used in kitchen, office furniture, bedroom and dining room sets with its wide range of products.

As MERSAN TRADE, on product quality; Considering the potential and preferences of a particular product to meet the needs of a customer, we also plan our plans in line with the demands of the customer.